Brand Ambassadors


We have selected brand ambassadors who embody the ArrowBar lifestyle – both during competition and in their everyday life. Our ambassadors do more than just endorse the product; they are team members who have been active in the creative and testing phases of ArrowBars.

Contact our energy bar company in Fleming Island, Florida, to learn more about how our brand ambassadors are working hard to improve the way athletes power up. Our energy bar wholesaler is ready to start sharing our amazing products to customers located throughout the entire United States.

James Blake

James Blake

James is a world-class athlete, avid golfer, philanthropist, and it doesn’t hurt that he was once selected by People Magazine™ as one of the sexiest men alive. Whether as the #1 ranked junior in the United States, the NCAA finalist at Harvard, or the #4 ranked player in the ATP world rankings, James has excelled at every level of tennis. He was even a member of the United States’ 2007 Davis Cup championship team.

Success was never easy for James; he was forced to overcome physical adversity as a junior with scoliosis and as a professional with a fractured vertebrae in his neck. His passion for tennis is evident in his current participation in the Champions Tour and numerous charity tennis events.

James carries a single-digit handicap (6.7) in golf and regularly competes in celebrity tournaments. In 2014, he won the Jack Lemmon award at the Pebble Beach Pro/Am as the amateur who helped his pro partner the most. James also started the James Blake Foundation as a way to raise money for cancer research in honor of his father.

Michael Russell

Michael Russell

Michael is currently competing on the ATP World Tour. He is regarded as one of the hardest workers on the ATP Tour and his incredible fitness level has garnered him nicknames such as “Iron Mike” and “Wheels.” Michael was the #1 ranked junior in the United States before moving on to the University of Miami, where he was an All-American and won the NCAA Freshman of the Year Award.

Michael has competed on the ATP World Tour for more than 16 years. His tenacity and endurance have kept him in the top 100 of the world rankings deep into his thirties. At 5’8”, Michael has utilized all of his assets to be successful. An unquenchable passion for tennis combined with a relentless commitment to fitness and nutrition has allowed him to bounce back from several injuries that would have ended other players’ careers. In 2012, Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

John Isner

Michael Russell

John Isner is a great brand ambassador because he personifies the active lifestyle ArrowBar represents. If he isn’t on the court bombing 140 mph serves, he is either in the gym working out, playing basketball, fishing, or shanking seven irons on the golf course.

John is the all-time wins leader at the University of Georgia where he won NCAA titles in the team and doubles competition. It didn’t take long for John to make an impact on the ATP Tour where he is now the highest ranked American.

John has become a regular on the U.S. Davis Cup team and has won 10 singles titles on the ATP tour. Many people also know John from his involvement in the longest tennis match in ATP history where he defeated Nicholas Mahut 70-68 in the fifth set at Wimbledon in 2010.

Each year John hosts a charity tennis event to raise money for cancer research. The event is extremely important to John and many former and current players help support John in the cause.

Steve “Stevie” Johnson

Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson is arguably the greatest college tennis player of all time. He won two NCAA singles titles while helping his USC Trojans win four consecutive NCAA team titles. Stevie finished his career on a 72 match winning streak.

After a brief acclimation period, Stevie has established himself as one of the top American tennis players. He is currently the #3 ranked American and has become a fixture inside the top 50 in the world rankings.

Steve has dedicated himself to tennis from an early age, and he understands the important role fitness and nutrition play in his training and competition. He is a perfect fit as a brand ambassador. 


Weekend Warriors

Our Weekend Warriors are empowered individuals that embody the ArrowBar lifestyle in their everyday lives. Some are professionals, but most are lawyers, teachers, runners, students and our friends. They do more than just endorse the product; they're good people and inspire us to power up and get outside.  

Jo-El Rowell

Jo-El Rowell has been involved in sports his whole life, the list includes little league baseball, high school football, and junior college basketball, and he even earned an advanced brown belt in American karate. After college, Jo-El stayed active and fit by working out regularly and eating right. In March of 2016, he got the opportunity to participate in American Ninja Warrior in his home state of Georgia as an official course tester. Some of his footage can be found on In April of the same year, Jo-El stumbled upon the growing sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and has been hooked ever since. Since April, Jo-El has competed in 10 OCR events and has placed as high as 5th, qualifying him for the OCR World Championships in his first year competing. Jo-El is easy to spot at OCR and American NinjaWarrior events because of his custom Pink shoes and shorts. Although Jo-El is an elite obstacle course runner he loves the chances he gets to run with his wife and fellow team mates of Team Me Against Me OCR which he is team captain. The sky is the limit for this up and coming elite obstacle course runner and american ninja warrior.  

Evan Levy

Evan is a personal trainer and fitness model based in the North Jersey/NYC metro area. He has over a decade of training experience under his belt, helping hundreds of clients reach their goals through his exercise and nutrition guidance. He has competed in powerlifting and physique competitions, and is a sponsored athlete with Fearless Fitness Apparel. Evan's hobbies include sports, music, traveling, and anything that involves an adrenaline rush!