Inside ArrowBar: Professional Tennis Star Shares The Three Most Important Aspects Of The Perfect Energy Bar

Great read on Inside ArrowBar from professional tennis player Michael Russell.  He shares the three most important aspects of the perfect energy bar as well as the problems ArrowBar solves for athletes and active people.

Three years ago my good friends and classmates from the University of Miami, Andrew, Mark and Rob approached me about creating an energy bar and being on the development team. I couldn't have been more excited at the opportunity. For years competing on the ATP WorldTour, I was always searching for that perfect energy source that I could consume while playing. Energy drinks are important, however edible calories are even more essential to sustaining peak performance in competition and in training.

After 2 years of developing and testing ArrowBar in competition and on the practice courts, we finally completed the three most important aspects of the perfect energy bar: Great tasting, easily digestible and contains all-natural ingredients while providing essential nutrients. We are all concerned with how we fuel our bodies. Arrowbar was created on the premise of a healthy lifestyle and we strive to provide only the highest quality ingredients in every one of our bars. Creating a gluten-free bar was a must as we wanted to ensure that all athletes could digest the bar easily even in the middle of extreme physical exertion. Last and most difficult was creating an energy bar that tasted great. We wanted an energy bar that tasted so good, you had to ask yourself...there is no way this could be healthy?!

We finally nailed all three platforms and I am extremely proud to be a developer and a Brand Ambassador. ArrowBar is truly a game changer with its gluten-free, great taste, and all-natural ingredients. Life is a sport, are you playing?


Written By:  Michael Russell

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