ArrowBar Donates to Gluten Free Camps Around The Country

ArrowBar had a chance to partner with a great organization, Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) and Generation GF, this summer and help Gluten Free campers in 29 camps in 21 different states. ArrowBar donated 2,000 bars that will be in 1950 boxes called Generation GF bunk boxes this summer to kids with gluten intolerance.

To date, Generation GF has 14 local Groups with an expected 8 to 12 more additional Groups being added in the next 18 months. These Groups are made up of gluten-free kids, parents, siblings and loved ones. In addition to these Groups, they have over 1250 Generation GF members that have received their welcome packets, Generation GF merchandising and quarterly magazines with stories geared for their younger demographic. These members are located in 49 states and 4 countries around the world.

"After our camp season, we will remain busy in exploring more ways to expand our Generation GF program. We will start our Celiac Mentors and GGF Ambassadors programs. We want to look further into gluten-free education and choices in schools and universities. We are also planning our first ever Teen Summit to bring together select teens and their families to talk about issues that they face socially being gluten-free" says Chris Rich, VP of Development.

"Generation GF is only 18 months into its existence and the success and outreach of the program so far has been amazing. We want to continue with this growth and find even more kids that are out there and feel isolated by their specialized diet. We want them to know that they are not alone and we want to help them embrace who they are and feel confident in doing so. Sponsorship and program assistance from companies such as your's are what make this possible".

ArrowBar is extremely proud to be a sponsor for such a great organization that helps impact people's lives through their nutrition. Please go on to and learn more about what Chris and the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) and Generation GF are all about and how you can help!

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